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Flower Girl

Welcome to the 102nd annual Rittenhouse Square Flower Market for Children’s Charities.  The organization hosts its signature French flower market in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square for the benefit of four annually-changing children’s health and welfare service organizations, plus the maintenance of the Square.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization composed solely of hard-working, hands-on volunteers.  Held on two consecutive days in May, the Wednesday and Thursday prior to Mothers’ Day, (this year, May 4 and 5, 2016) the Flower Market has become a longstanding Philadelphia tradition, in fact, the oldest continuously held event in Rittenhouse Square, where Committee members, nonprofits and commercial vendors sell brightly colored flowers, related crafts and pungent herbs, and our beneficiaries sell unique items and promote their respective organizations. RSFMCC provides a unique service for these charities, not simply issuing handouts, but rather directly involving the beneficiaries in the fundraising efforts and affording them the opportunity to showcase themselves.  A further distinguishing feature of the Flower Market is that it provides a vehicle for donation which goes directly to a particular project within our beneficiary organization – in other words, each dollar directly reaches the children. For the year 2016, the chosen projects for our beneficiaries are:

* An accessible outdoor classroom at campus farm, allowing children with disabilities to active participate in cultivation, learn about and incorporate fresh produce in their meals (for ELWYN’S DAVIDSON SCHOOL)

* An outdoor playground for a preschool for medically fragile children (for FRANKIE’S WORLD FOUNDATION)

* Arts and Sports Programming for deaf students, who cannot participate in traditional programs, as well as family workshops for deaf advocacy (for PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF (PATCH&S))

* Cutting-edge program of information dissemination designed to minimize symptoms of  pediatric post-traumatic stress resulting from children’s hospitalization, incorporated with pillowcase deliveries (for RYAN’S CASE FOR SMILES)


This year’s Garden Party (major fundraiser and prelude to the Market) is scheduled for April 17, 2016.

If you would like to participate in any of the activities of the Rittenhouse Square Flower Market for Children’s Charities, become a corporate or community partner, make in-kind or monetary donations to the Market, rent a booth at the Market or sponsor another booth, become a member of our Board, volunteer at the Market, please email us at  You may also donate to us through the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Code #45931)
Finally, we invite everyone to come to the Square on May 4-5, 2016 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and enjoy the flowers, featured entertainment, and fun.

At the Flower Market, A Small Donation…

Makes a Big Difference!

Click HERE to view the invitation for our Annual Garden Party!

Click HERE to view and print the RSVP for our Annual Garden Party!

Click HERE to buy tickets for our Annual Garden Party ONLINE!

Click HERE to see learn about our beneficiaries for 2016 and their upcoming events!

Supporters making a donation of $25 will receive their choice of a Flower Market poster (excluding any winning posters).  A $50 donation will enable the supporter to choose any poster, including winning posters.

To make a donation, click on the gold “Donate” button on the right side of this page or send a check made out to “RSFMCC” to P.O. Box 30613, Philadelphia, PA  19103.


Barbara Pomerantz - Co-President

Ricki Lou Hildebrand - Co-President

Chris Godwin – Vice-President

Maggie Manzer – Treasurer

Teresa Morone – Corresponding Secretary

Susan A. Sigmund – Recording Secretary

Grace Labouchere – Assistant Treasurer

Curtis J. Roth, Esq. – President Emeritus


Eileen Baird

Dee Daniele

Rosemary Marino

Corie Moskow

Frank Mueller

Patrick Mullen

Jakarta Nguyen

Tina Pakis

Kathleen Rosse

Lisa Silveri

Audrey Walters

Marcy Witlin-Basickes

Questions or to volunteer, contact us @

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